Learn It By Saying It

There are some lessons where we positively encourage students to chat.

Because if you’re learning a new language you really need to be able to speak it. And one of the most enjoyable ways of doing that is to have a conversation with someone else. At our school, most of the secondary students learn four languages: English, Spanish, German and Valenciano. Here, you can see some of our Year 8 students practising their Valenciano. Their Valenciano teacher has taught them vocabulary relating to characteristics of the body and the mind. Now the students are using what they have learned by asking and answering personal questions (within reason!)You can see from the interest and concentration in their faces that it is an engaging way to exercise their Valenciano. And as we are in the Valencia region where the language is widely spoken, they can use their new skills to talk to the people they meet when they’re out and about.

Ho, ho, ho!


You’re never too old to enjoy a visit from Father Christmas!Our primary children received their Secret Santa presents from Father Christmas, and several of our secondary students — including these Year 7s — helped him give them out. Ho, ho, ho!

Europe’s Natural Beauty


In Europe, we are blessed with many areas of outstanding natural beauty and it’s right for us to work towards their preservation.In Year 7, we’ve been learning about the climate and landscapes of Europe.In learning about them, we can also appreciate their great value and ensure we do what we can to save them for future generations.




Make Like An Egyptian


One way to get a great feel for Ancient Egypt is to make your own ‘papyrus’.In Year 8, we like to think we’ve become quite expert at doing this.We’re also getting to know some of Ancient Egypt’s most important gods and goddesses.Maybe we’ll take a look at Egyptian hieroglyphics next. After all, languages are a speciality at Elian’s!

Track and Field Success


Our secondary athletes did us proud in the Elche interschool athletics competition this year.They came away with an impressive haul of 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings, which meant the Elian’s team gained 4th place overall (out of seven schools). What a fantastic effort!



Some of our sixth formers are keen chess-players, so they’ve decided to start a secondary Chess Club.The new club, run by Zhong, Adrian, Jon and Xavi (Y13), takes place on Tuesday lunchtimes for students in Year 7 and above. Chess Club is already proving to be a hit: take a look at all these chess-players, eager to get involved.

Studying the Climate Emergency


Arguably, the most urgent issue facing humanity today is the climate crisis.If we’re going to have any chance of tackling the situation, we need to understand why it’s happening and what we can do to change things.

Which is one of the reasons why our Year 7 students were asked to make a presentation on the theme of environmental science.

Because the better we understand the problem, the more able we are to find a solution.

We discussed the effects of pollution, ozone depletion and conservation.

By learning about real life problems, perhaps we can also learn to find real life solutions.

Politicians of the Future


Dare I say that there are one or two full-time politicians who could learn a thing or two about how to conduct themselves from our very own school council…?Every year, our students elect representatives for every class to have a voice in our student council. After all, many of them have strong views on what they would like to see in school — and equally strong views on what they wouldn’t.

With our head students, Melina and Yvan chairing the debate in the secondary chamber, everyone has a chance to air their views and put forward their ideas. These are then presented to our senior staff, who treat them with the utmost seriousness — even if they can’t always fulfill them all (the chute from the school roof into the swimming pool, regrettably, probably won’t be a go-er).

A School of Monsters


Hallowe’en took place during our half term holiday this year, but because we can’t resist the opportunity to get into costume, we held our celebration a little early.

A scary amount of effort was put into the disguises, including some great team efforts.
Many lessons were themed around Hallowe’en, with teachers taking full advantage of the chance to link studies with the supernatural.That said, costumes certainly added an interesting dimension to lessons like PE. Perhaps we should have reinstated the popular Quidditch matches from our Harry Potter Day…yes, we missed a trick, there.

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